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Home » Announcements » Board Announcements » Dogs In Village 6


Dogs In Village 6

Dear Unit Owners/Tenants/Residents of FV6:

According to Article V, Section 9(d) of the Bylaws: "No animal, other than common household pets, weighing no more than thirty (30) pounds, shall be kept or maintained on the property.  If you have a pet weighing more than 30 pounds, you are in violation of the FV6 bylaws.  Your pet must be removed!  The bylaws of the property must be followed!

Also, a
s per D.C. Law, it is unlawful to walk a dog without a leash in a public space (see D.C. Code §§ 6-1001(1), 6-1008(a) (1981 ed.); 24 DCMR 900.3).

As a reminder, all dog owners must also clean up their dog's waste!  So, please pick up behind your pet.  There are various pet waste signs/warnings that are posted throughout the property.

The Board of Directors will adhere to the law; any unit owner or owner with at tenant walking a dog without a leash or cited for not cleaning up their dog's
poop on the property may be FINED $25.00 to $200.00.

If the Board has to begin to invest in special cleaning of the property due to hazardous pet waste, there may be an increase in condo fees to support the need.

Let's get a handle on this issue and keep our costs down and our property safe and sanitary!

FV6 Board of Directors